Marco Passafiume

Marco Passafiume

Post-doc researcher – Consultant

050 0801556

Marco Passafiume was born in Florence, Italy on February 6, 1987. He received the Master degree in Electronic Engineering (cum laude) at the University of Florence, Italy in 2012, and the PhD at Department of Information Engineering in 2016, and he is working in the Microelectronics and HF research group.

His research activities covers developing of embedded systems and digital systems for communication (also working with private institutes, like Autostrade Tech., for development of new infomobility systems), highly integrated SoC/SiP and human interface devices. Actually he is studying deeply new development technologies based on FPGA and he covers in depth various aspects related to computer science evolution (Artificial Intelligence, Data and Signal Processing) and digital communications/software defined radios.

His scientific interests also cover the area of data elaboration methodologies with particular attention to algorithmic development. He is particularly interested in Human-Interface Device (HID) development and Artificial Intelligence applied to biomedics, with the goal of making everyone able to take advantage of potentialities given by new emerging embedded and computational technologies.