Research Areas

Innovation derives from technology and technology derives from applied research, which derives in turn from basic research: the research that does not consider the issue of practical applications, but that fulfils curiosity and pursues knowledge for knowledge. Then why scientific research is underestimated in Italy? Whenever we talk about innovation, we do it without thinking.

Margherita Hack

The RaSS Lab embraced the consideration of Margherita Hack, developing the research chain that leads to innovation and to the technology transfer to companies. Starting from self-funded research projects, with the acquired knowhow, it takes part in national and international research project calls for proposals, leading to the developing of prototypes and demonstrators at a pre-industrialization level. Most of these projects are carried out with the joint participation, besides the RaSS Lab, of research centres, PMI and big companies in a perspective of network integration with all the subjects and the experiences in the areas of expertise, in order to enhance synergies, application results thus developing innovation.