Luca Gentile

Luca Gentile


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Luca Gentile pursued his bachelor’s degree (2012) in Telematic engineering at University of Enna (Kore) and his master’s degree (2016) in Telecommunication engineering and his PhD (2020) in Information Engineering at University of Pisa. During his PhD, in 2017, he spent six months at University of Texas at Austin as a visiting researcher expanding his knowledge of orbit determination techniques.

Since 2016 he collaborates as a researcher at Radar and Surveillance Systems (RaSS) National Laboratory and participated in numerous national and international research projects regarding Tracking and Orbit Determination as well as several NATO research group on the topic of Space Surveillance and Tracking (NATO SCI-ET-036, NATO SCI-311, NATO SET-ET-115, NATO SCI-SET-057, NATO SET-293).

His research focuses on radar tracking techniques and Resident Space Objects (RSOs) detection, tracking and Orbit Determination.



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Gentile, Luca Martorella, Marco

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Gentile, Luca Capria, Amerigo Conti, Michele Moscardini, Christian Martorella, Marco

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