Bhaskar Ahuja

Bhaskar Ahuja

CNIT Research Fellowship – Phd Student


I am Bhaskar Ahuja, a highly motivated and dedicated individual passionate about space science and technology. With a physics and remote sensing background, I have gained valuable research and practical experience in the field. I am pursuing my doctoral studies in Space Science and Technology at the University of Trento, Italy, and I am focused on the project “Space Surveillance and Tracking with Radar Systems” as part of the National PhD Program in Space Science and Technology.

Work Experience:

During my tenure as a Junior Research Fellow at the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), I worked on the project “Retrieval of Geophysical parameters with GNSS/IRNSS signals.” This experience allowed me to gain hands-on knowledge in utilizing GPS systems for reflectometry applications, such as soil moisture and water level analysis. Additionally, I conducted in-situ soil moisture measurements and worked with ArcMap for various remote sensing applications.


I hold a Master’s in Physics from the University of Delhi, where I specialized in the Astrophotography of stars using a CCD camera in the observational astronomy lab. Before that, I completed my Bachelor’s in Physics with honours from SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi. I have consistently excelled academically and received recognition for my outstanding performance.

Achievements and Certifications:

I have achieved remarkable milestones throughout my academic journey, including securing top ranks in prestigious examinations such as GATE Physics, CSIR-UGC NET Lectureship, and IIT JAM for Physics. I have been awarded certificates of merit for my exceptional performance in both national and regional examinations. Additionally, I have actively participated in various workshops and courses, earning certificates for my participation.

With a solid academic background, research experience, and a drive to excel in space science and technology, I am eager to contribute to advancements in radar systems, space surveillance, and remote sensing. I am seeking opportunities to collaborate with professionals and researchers in this field to broaden my knowledge further and make meaningful contributions to the scientific community