QUANtum technologies for Defence with application to Optronics.

Quantum sensors harness fundamental quantum principles like superposition and entanglement to approach the inherent measurement limits set by physics. They promise significantly enhanced precision and accuracy, revolutionizing scientific, industrial, and commercial applications. These sensors excel
in measuring various physical quantities—magnetic, electric, and gravitational fields, times, frequencies, temperatures, and pressures—with unparalleled accuracy.
Typically, a quantum sensor employs discrete quantum states (qubits) dependent on the parameter being measured. A protocol initializes the system in a known quantum state, interacts it with the measured system, and measures the qubits.

This iterative process significantly improves accuracy compared to traditional sensors by utilizing entanglement techniques, quantum control, or squeezing protocols that surpass the Heisenberg limit. Quantum sensor advancements are poised to transform defense domains like C4ISR and navigation, with the potential to disrupt defense operations. The QUANDO Consortium, under EDA’s directive, investigates quantum technologies for defense, focusing on quantum sensing. Collaborators across research organizations, large industrial partners, and SMEs are involved in this initiative, investigating quantum technologies’ potential in optronics and radio frequency domains. The current phase aims to synthesize an Electro Optical/Radio Frequency (EO/RF) quantum technology to solidify earlier studies and outline a potential EU defense quantum sensing roadmap. The project’s objectives encompass technology identification, demonstrator design, realization, experimental testing, and result
analysis, aligning with EDA’s directive for an EO/RF quantum sensing proof-of-concept demonstrator. The project evaluates EO and RF quantum sensing technologies,
exploring non-classical light sources, Optical Parametric Oscillators for mid-IR radiation, cryogenic Josephson Parametric Amplifiers, and Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond for compact antenna receivers. Quantum Radar, utilizing quantum properties to enhance signal processing and counteract stealth properties, stands as a promising technology offering superior target detection capabilities and resilience against electronic countermeasures.

European Defence Agency (EDA)
December 2022 - December 2023
Italy, France, Germany, Spain