NOise imaging Radar network for covert air and MAritime borders Security

The project proposes the study, design, analysis and demonstrator realization of a wideband noise imaging radar network for air and sea border surveillance. The single radar sensor will be designed to work in three different modes: target RCS measurement, high range resolution profiling (HRRP or 1D imaging) and 2D-SAR and ISAR imaging.

The main novelties of the NORMA system are:

  • use of random/noise and noise-like waveforms, which enable Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) characteristic and, hence, covert surveillance operational mode
  • radar imaging capability with noise waveforms, more specifically, high resolution range profiles and 2D- images of targets to be used for recognition and classification
  • ability to transmit stepped frequency continuous waveforms, which enable the detection of slow aerial (especially drones) and sea target in strong clutter environment
  • advanced signal processing, which provides the ability to detect targets floating in sea clutter environment
  • radar network, which enables bistatic, multistatic and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) RCS and 1D- 2D imaging for better target characterization and identification
NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division, SPS Programme
IRE NASU with the participation of Echoes srl
May 2018 – May 2021
Italy, Ukraine