Integrated Submarine System with DRASS

The aim of this project is to analyse the technological and algorithmic solutions for a Target Motion Analysis (TMA) system for submarines. Particularly, a software-defined architecture is proposed to host a wide spectrum of software applications dedicated to the management of on-board systems. Using a distributed shared server architecture, data can be available from multiple users at the same time, without the need of execution on dedicated consoles. The proposed architectural approach allows to limit the space required for the HW, for which an architecture has been proposed, introducing energy saving factors and minimizing the need for heat dissipation. The modularity of the architecture makes it easy to integrate possible updates both HW (to increase system computational capabilities) and SW (to update automatic information analysis capabilities) and ensure interoperability with solutions from any future developments.
Given the software-defined nature of the system, a particular focus has been the cybersecurity aspects, adopting a security-bydesign strategy, which provides the integration of special security systems in each element of the developed system.

In addition, advanced artificial intelligence algorithms were taken into account to allow the identification and mitigation of any cyber attacks. Finally, TMA and data fusion algorithms have been analysed, focusing on the integration of different type of sensors in the system without the need to modify the software.

PNR - Ministry of Defence
January 2021 – December 2024