Deployable performing HF radio goniometer compact system for C-ESM applications

The DEEP-TRACE project aims at realizing a multi-channel system based on an array of compact receiving antennas for receiving, digitizing and analysing HF band signals for C-ESM applications.

This configuration is conceived to cope with compactness, easy deployment, modularity and scalability requirements. The proposed technological solution allows to estimate the direction of arrival (DoA) of the received signals, to characterize the signal through the use of Artificial Intelligence (IA) techniques and to localize the source making use of 3D ionospheric propagation models for the signals transmitted in sky-wave mode.
This system could be used individually or in a multi-sensor / multiplatform configuration. This last configuration, appropriately dislocated, will allow the geolocation of the HF source, regardless of the type of propagation (sky-wave or surface-wave).
Italian Ministry of Defence (MoD)
Echoes srl, FreeSpace srl
June 2023- June 2024