Innovative concept to detect, recognize and track “killer-drones

This project focuses on the development of a new concept of anti- drone system, able to detect, recognize and track killer-drones – mini/micro UAVs – in order to facilitate their neutralization and, at the same time, to minimise risks for people and assets.

The realization of Anti-Drones’ goal requires the integration of different competencies, such as system design and integration, design of antennas and transceiver, development of advanced signal processing algorithms, as well as development of software and firmware. The system is based on the use of software defined technologies and software engineering techniques to guarantee flexibility and re-use of existing technology. Anti-drones will move forward the current state of the art of anti-drone systems through the use of mini-radar technology and signal processing, which will improve current system erformances with minimal environmental impact (e.g. visual impact and EM pollution) to the urban environment.

NATO – ESCD – SPS Programme
CNIT-RASS, Mother Teresa University (MTU), North Kazakhstan State University (NKSU)
September 2019 - March 2023
Italy, North Macedonia, Kazakhstan