Final meeting RING Project

Two days dedicated to the final meeting of the RING project in Pisa.

RING is an EDA Cat. B Research and Technological Development project that aims at developing innovative non-cooperative target recognition (NCTR) systems. These systems utilize 3D radar images of moving targets and employ 3D Interferometric ISAR systems and techniques.

Three different 3D radar imaging demonstrators have been developed and tested with partners and suppliers:
• a ground-based system (PIT-RADWAR S.A.)
• a shipborne system (GEM elettronica)
• a drone-based system, using 4 drones flying in formation (Echoes s.r.l. – Radar Technologies and Sigma Ingegneria).

With Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Electronic Systems we have focused on the development and validation of novel 3D Radar imaging and associated Non-Cooperative Target Recognition algorithms to effectively improve EU Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems.

Thanks to all partners for their contributions and for sharing with us this incredible journey.

Discover more on RING project in our video.