Prof. Marco Martorella – NATO STO Excellence Award for the NATO “Sensors & Electronics Technology” (SET)

The joint NATO STO Research Task Groups of SET-232 on “Computational Imaging and Compressive Sensing for EO/IR Systems” and SET-236 on “Design and Analysis of Compressive Sensing Techniques for Radar and ESM Applications” have successfully investigated and demonstrated the use of Compressive Sensing techniques for Electro-Optical (EO) imaging, radar and Electronic Support Measures (ESM) systems.

This was an outstanding example of exceptional teamwork in advancing the state-of-the-art in Compressive Sensing techniques, validating that these techniques can outperform traditional methods while delivering the same or greater performance as conventional systems to enable warfighters to react faster and gain tactical advantage.

In addition, the joint teams of SET-232 and SET-236 provided critical toolsets to support systems designers and procurement offices to specify performance of future Compressive Sensing based systems and to better understand their military benefits, tradeoffs, and maturity level.

NATO STO Excellence Award for the NATO "Sensors & Electronics Technology" (SET)