Trial at Mother Teresa University for Anti-Drones Project

From September 12-16 2022, Alberto Lupidi and Alessandro Cantelli-Forti held the final trials of the NATO-SPS “ANTI-DRONES” project in Skopje, Macedonia, at Mother Teresa University and the Stenkovec training center.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Macedonian Deputy Minister of Defense, and Civil Aviation participated as end-users of the project. Rector Zeqiri honored our researchers in a ceremony.

The project represents an Innovative concept to detect, recognize and track “killer-drones” through the use of mini-radar technology, signal processing, optical cameras and Artificial Intelligence.

This activity represents the closing phase of the 36-month project, with a total budget of 402,000Euro of which 227,000 was funded at CNIT-Rass, acquired and coordinated by Alessandro Cantelli Forti.

Cantelli premiazione Mother Teresa University