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Fontana,; Symms,; Tiberi,; Tosetti,; Costagli,; Monorchio,

Evaluation of temperature increase during Magnetic Resonance examinations by combining electromagnetic/thermal simulations and B1 maps (Conference)

2017, (cited By 0).

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Degiorgi,; Costa,; Fontana,; Usai,; Monorchio,

A stepwise transmission/reflection multiline-based algorithm for broadband permittivity measurements of dielectric materials (Conference)

2016, (TOSCA cited By 0).

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Degiorgi,; Usai,; Fontana,; Ciampalini,; Monorchio,; Bertoneri,; Tonlorenzi,; Oddo,; Terzet,; Armogida,; Biggi,; Vezzani,; Bientinesi,; Petarca,; Valeri,

Radio frequency system for thermal soil remediation (Conference)

2016, (TOSCA cited By 0).

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Fontana, Anna; Berens, Patrick; Staglian`o, Daniele; Martorella, Marco

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Fontana, Anna; Berens, Patrick; Staglian`o, Daniele; Martorella, Marco

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Tiberi,; Costagli,; Biagi,; Ciantis,; Fontana,; Stara,; Symms,; Cosottini,; Guerrini,; Tosetti,

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Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 44 (4), pp. 1048-1055, 2016, (cited By 0).

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G. Tiberi M. Costagli, Biagi De Ciantis Fontana Stara Symms Cosottini Guerrini Tosetti

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ISMRM 2016 - Proceedings, 2016.



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NATO SET-228 Specialists Meeting on "Radar Imaging for Target Identification", pp. –, Italy, 2015.


Retico,; Vitacolonna,; Galante,; Florio,; Cimini,; Stara,; Tiberi,; Tosetti,; Fontana,; Manara,; Monorchio,; Alecci,

A 7T double-tuned (<sup>1</sup>H/<sup>31</sup>P) microstrip surface RF coil for the IMAGO7 MR scanner (Conference)

2015, (cited By 0).

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Stara,; Tiberi,; Gabrieli,; Buonincontri,; Fontana,; Monorchio,; Costagli,; Symms,; Retico,; Tosetti,

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Tiberi,; Fontana,; Costagli,; Stara,; Biagi,; Symms,; Monorchio,; Retico,; Cosottini,; Tosetti,

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Tiberi,; Fontana,; Monorchio,; Stara,; Retico,; Tosetti,

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G. Tiberi N. Fontana, Stara Retico Monorchio Tosetti

The Basis Functions: A Novel Approach for Electromagnetic Fields Evaluations for Any Matching and Coupling Conditions (Conference)

ISMRM 2015 - Proceedings, 2015.


Martorella M., Stagliano Lischi Giusti Salvetti Bacci Gelli Cataldo Massini Lupidi Brisken Fontana Berens Krisic Baczyk Gashinova Cherniakov Tran Greig Meta Corucci Kalender Nel

Multi-static/Multichannel radar imaging in practice: the NATO SET-196 trials (Conference)




Fontana,; Tiberi,; Stara,; Monorchio,; Retico,; Tosetti,

Local SAR in adults and children at 7T MR: Realistic estimation by the using of simulations (Conference)

2014, (cited By 0).

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G. Tiberi N. Fontana, Stara Syms Monorchio Costagli Biagi Cosottini Tosetti

Effects of the load size on the maximum local SAR at 7T (Conference)

ISMRM 2014 - Proceedings, 2014.



Fontana,; Monorchio,; Stara,; Retico,; Tiberi,; Tosetti,

Realistic Estimation of the local Specific Absorption Rate of human head in MR scanner at 7T (Conference)

2013, (cited By 0).

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Stara,; Fontana,; Tiberi,; Monorchio,; Manara,; Alfonsetti,; Galante,; Vitacolonna,; Alecci,; Retico,; Tosetti,

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Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, 29 , pp. 121-136, 2013, (cited By 4).

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Fontana,; Monorchio,; Munoz Torrico,; Hao,

A numerical assesment of the effect of MRI surface coils on implanted pacemakers (Conference)

2012, (cited By 0).

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Stara,; Fontana,; Alecci,; Alfonsetti,; Galante,; Vitacolonna,; Biagi,; Buonincontri,; Del Guerra,; Tosetti,; Manara,; Monorchio,; Tiberi,; Retico,

RF coil design for low and high field MRI: Numerical methods and measurements (Conference)

2012, (cited By 0).

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et al. R. Stara, Fontana

A quantitative comparison of electromagnetic computational methods for RF coil design (Conference)

ESMRMB 2012 - Proceedings, 2012.



Ballardin,; Tusa,; Fontana,; Monorchio,; Pelletti,; Rogovich,; Barale,; Scarpato,

Non-thermal effects of 2.45GHz microwaves on spindle assembly, mitotic cells and viability of Chinese hamster V-79 cells (Journal Article)

Mutation Research - Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis, 716 (1-2), pp. 1-9, 2011, (cited By 11).

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Bianchi D., Fontana Genovesi Monorchio Vallecchi Cerretelli Linari Gentili

Multi-objective optimization of wideband Spiral Arrays (Conference)

2010, (cited By 0).

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Fontana,; Pelletti,; Rogovich,; Monorchio,

On the influence of a glass slide on the sar distribution in petri dishes for in vitro exposure to 2.45 GHz EM fields (Conference)

2010, (cited By 0).

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N. Fontana A. Rogovich, Monorchio

A Numerically Efficient Technique to Evaluate Specific Absorption Rate in Exposures to Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (Conference)

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