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Giovannetti, Giulio; Tiberi, Gianluigi; Tosetti, Michela; Monorchio, Agostino; Fontana, Nunzia

Radiofrequency planar surface coil for magnetic resonance: When the use of a circular wire gives a noticeable advantage with respect to a flat strip conductor? (Journal Article)

MEASUREMENT, 129 , pp. 518–522, 2018.

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Brizi, Danilo; Fontana, Nunzia; Costa, Filippo; Monorchio, Agostino

Accurate Extraction of Equivalent Circuit Parameters of Spiral Resonators for the Design of Metamaterials (Journal Article)


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Brizi, Danilo; Fontana, Nunzia; Giovannetti, Giulio; Flori, Alessandra; Menichetti, Luca; Doumett, Saer; Baldi, Giovanni; Monorchio, Agostino

A Novel Approach for Determining the Electromagnetic Properties of a Colloidal Fluid With Magnetic Nanoparticles for Hyperthermia Applications (Journal Article)


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Fontana, Nunzia; Costa, Filippo; Brizi, Danilo; Tiberi, Gianluigi; Galante, Angelo; Alecci, Marcello; Monorchio, Agostino

Decoupling of dual-tuned MRI coils by using distributed magnetic traps (Conference)

IET Conference Publications, 2018 , Institution of Engineering and Technology, London (UK), 2018.

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Brizi,; Fontana,; Costa,; Tiberi,; Monorchio,

On the Optimization of Distributed Magnetic Traps in MRI Coils Decoupling (Conference)

2018, (cited By 0).

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Fontana,; Symms,; Tiberi,; Tosetti,; Costagli,; Monorchio,

Evaluation of temperature increase during Magnetic Resonance examinations by combining electromagnetic/thermal simulations and B1 maps (Conference)

2017, (cited By 0).

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Fontana Nunzia, Giovannetti Giulio Monorchio Agostino Tosetti Michela Tiberi Gianluigi

Estimation of losses in strip and circular wire conductors of radiofrequency planar surface coil by using the finite element method (Journal Article)


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Fontana Nunzia, Costa Filippo Tiberi Gianluigi Nigro Monorchio Agostino

Distributed trap FSS filter for dual tuned RF MRI coil decoupling at 7.0T (Conference)

Proceedings of the 2017 19th International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications, ICEAA 2017, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2017.

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Brizi,; Monorchio,; Fontana,

A novel coil for highly focused magnetic hyperthermia with nanoparticles (Conference)

2017-January , 2017, (cited By 0).

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Degiorgi,; Costa,; Fontana,; Usai,; Monorchio,

A stepwise transmission/reflection multiline-based algorithm for broadband permittivity measurements of dielectric materials (Conference)

2016, (TOSCA cited By 0).

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Degiorgi,; Usai,; Fontana,; Ciampalini,; Monorchio,; Bertoneri,; Tonlorenzi,; Oddo,; Terzet,; Armogida,; Biggi,; Vezzani,; Bientinesi,; Petarca,; Valeri,

Radio frequency system for thermal soil remediation (Conference)

2016, (TOSCA cited By 0).

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Fontana, Anna; Berens, Patrick; Staglian`o, Daniele; Martorella, Marco

3D InISAR target reconstruction using airborne PAMIR data (Inproceeding)

EUSAR 2016: 11th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, Proceedings of, pp. 1–5, VDE 2016, (NATO SET RTG-196).


Fontana, Anna; Berens, Patrick; Staglian`o, Daniele; Martorella, Marco

3D ISAR/SAR imaging using multichannel real data (Inproceeding)

Radar Conference (RadarConf), 2016 IEEE, pp. 1–4, IEEE 2016, (NATO SET RTG-196).


Tiberi,; Costagli,; Biagi,; Ciantis,; Fontana,; Stara,; Symms,; Cosottini,; Guerrini,; Tosetti,

SAR prediction in adults and children by combining measured B1+ maps and simulations at 7.0 Tesla (Journal Article)

Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 44 (4), pp. 1048-1055, 2016, (cited By 0).

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G. Tiberi M. Costagli, Biagi De Ciantis Fontana Stara Symms Cosottini Guerrini Tosetti

Subject-specific SAR prediction in Adults and Children at 7.0T (Conference)

ISMRM 2016 - Proceedings, 2016.



Martorella,; D.Staglianò,; Lischi,; Giusti,; Salvetti,; Bacci,; Gelli,; Cataldo,; Massini,; Lupidi,; Brisken,; Fontana,; Berens,; Krisic,; Baczyk,; Gashinova,; Cherniakov,; Tran,; Greig,; Meta,; Corucci,; Kalender,; Nel,

Multi-Static/Multichannel Radar Imaging in Practice: the NATO SET-196 Trials (Inproceeding)

NATO SET-228 Specialists Meeting on "Radar Imaging for Target Identification", pp. –, Italy, 2015.


Retico,; Vitacolonna,; Galante,; Florio,; Cimini,; Stara,; Tiberi,; Tosetti,; Fontana,; Manara,; Monorchio,; Alecci,

A 7T double-tuned (^1H/^31P) microstrip surface RF coil for the IMAGO7 MR scanner (Conference)

2015, (cited By 0).

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Martorella M.; Staglianò, Lischi Giusti Salvetti Bacci Gelli Cataldo Massini Lupidi Brisken Fontana Berens Krysik Baczyk Gashinova Cherniakov Tran Greig Meta Corucci Kalender Nel

Multi-Static/Multichannel Radar Imaging in Practice: the NATO SET-196 Trials (Miscellaneous)



Stara,; Tiberi,; Gabrieli,; Buonincontri,; Fontana,; Monorchio,; Costagli,; Symms,; Retico,; Tosetti,

Quadrature birdcage coil with distributed capacitors for 7.0 T magnetic resonance data acquisition of small animals (Journal Article)

Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part B: Magnetic Resonance Engineering, 44 (4), pp. 83-88, 2015, (cited By 0).

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Tiberi,; Fontana,; Costagli,; Stara,; Biagi,; Symms,; Monorchio,; Retico,; Cosottini,; Tosetti,

Investigation of maximum local specific absorption rate in 7T magnetic resonance with respect to load size by use of electromagnetic simulations (Journal Article)

Bioelectromagnetics, 36 (5), pp. 358-366, 2015, (cited By 2).

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Tiberi,; Fontana,; Monorchio,; Stara,; Retico,; Tosetti,

Evaluation of 3D radio-frequency electromagnetic fields for any matching and coupling conditions by the use of basis functions (Journal Article)

Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 261 , pp. 38-42, 2015, (cited By 0).

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G. Tiberi N. Fontana, Stara Retico Monorchio Tosetti

The Basis Functions: A Novel Approach for Electromagnetic Fields Evaluations for Any Matching and Coupling Conditions (Conference)

ISMRM 2015 - Proceedings, 2015.


Martorella M., Stagliano Lischi Giusti Salvetti Bacci Gelli Cataldo Massini Lupidi Brisken Fontana Berens Krisic Baczyk Gashinova Cherniakov Tran Greig Meta Corucci Kalender Nel

Multi-static/Multichannel radar imaging in practice: the NATO SET-196 trials (Conference)




G. Tiberi N. Fontana, Stara Syms Monorchio Costagli Biagi Cosottini Tosetti

Effects of the load size on the maximum local SAR at 7T (Conference)

ISMRM 2014 - Proceedings, 2014.


Fontana,; Tiberi,; Stara,; Monorchio,; Retico,; Tosetti,

Local SAR in adults and children at 7T MR: Realistic estimation by the using of simulations (Conference)

2014, (cited By 0).

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Fontana,; Monorchio,; Stara,; Retico,; Tiberi,; Tosetti,

Realistic Estimation of the local Specific Absorption Rate of human head in MR scanner at 7T (Conference)

2013, (cited By 0).

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Stara,; Fontana,; Tiberi,; Monorchio,; Manara,; Alfonsetti,; Galante,; Vitacolonna,; Alecci,; Retico,; Tosetti,

Validation of numerical approaches for electromagnetic characterization of magnetic resonance radiofrequency coils (Journal Article)

Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, 29 , pp. 121-136, 2013, (cited By 4).

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Fontana,; Monorchio,; Munoz Torrico,; Hao,

A numerical assesment of the effect of MRI surface coils on implanted pacemakers (Conference)

2012, (cited By 0).

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Stara,; Fontana,; Alecci,; Alfonsetti,; Galante,; Vitacolonna,; Biagi,; Buonincontri,; Del Guerra,; Tosetti,; Manara,; Monorchio,; Tiberi,; Retico,

RF coil design for low and high field MRI: Numerical methods and measurements (Conference)

2012, (cited By 0).

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et al. R. Stara, Fontana

A quantitative comparison of electromagnetic computational methods for RF coil design (Conference)

ESMRMB 2012 - Proceedings, 2012.



Ballardin,; Tusa,; Fontana,; Monorchio,; Pelletti,; Rogovich,; Barale,; Scarpato,

Non-thermal effects of 2.45GHz microwaves on spindle assembly, mitotic cells and viability of Chinese hamster V-79 cells (Journal Article)

Mutation Research - Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis, 716 (1-2), pp. 1-9, 2011, (cited By 11).

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Bianchi D., Fontana Genovesi Monorchio Vallecchi Cerretelli Linari Gentili

Multi-objective optimization of wideband Spiral Arrays (Conference)

2010, (cited By 0).

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Fontana,; Pelletti,; Rogovich,; Monorchio,

On the influence of a glass slide on the sar distribution in petri dishes for in vitro exposure to 2.45 GHz EM fields (Conference)

2010, (cited By 0).

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N. Fontana A. Rogovich, Monorchio

A Numerically Efficient Technique to Evaluate Specific Absorption Rate in Exposures to Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (Conference)

USNC/URSI 2009 - Proceedings, 2009.