Luca Facheris

foto_facherisLuca Facheris graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1989 and got his Ph.D. degree in 1993 with the thesis “Techniques for signal synthesis and processing in polarimetric radars”. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Florence, teaching courses in the Telecommunications area (signal theory, signal processing, communications, radar systems, information theory). Since 2005 he is in the board of the Ph.D. course in “Remote Sensing”.
His main interests concern theoretical and experimental research in the field of atmospheric remote sensing at microwaves and infrared: he has been involved with the analysis of active systems, both radar (polarimetric sensors,weather radars – both ground-based and spaceborne,synthetic aperture radars) and point-to-point systems, and to related signal processing and data integration issues. He has a long experience concerning the exploitation of attenuation measurements at microwaves for the estimation of integral water vapour along satellite radio links. Between 2000 and 2006 he co-operated with the JPL for research concerning the development of spaceborne weather radars with Doppler capabilities. His research activity was stimulated by several national and international projects where he was involved, financed by MURST (Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research), CNR (National Council for Research), ASI (Italian Space Agency), EU (European Union) and ESA (European Space Agency).


Roberto,; Baldini,; Adirosi,; Lischi,; Lupidi,; Cuccoli,; Barcaroli,; Facheris,

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Roberto,; Adirosi,; Baldini,; Facheris,; Cuccoli,; Lupidi,; Garzelli,

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Cuccoli,; Lupidi,; Facheris,; Baldini,

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Lupidi,; Lischi,; Cuccoli,; Berizzi,; Facheris,

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Lupidi,; Lischi,; Berizzi,; Baldini,; Facheris,; Cuccoli,

Contributing towards sustainable aviation through an electronic flight bag for processing signals from avionic polarimetric weather radars (Inproceeding)

2015 International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation (ISSA), 2015.


Cuccoli,; Lupidi,; Bernabò,; Barcaroli,; Facheris,; Baldini,

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Cuccoli,; Facheris,; Mugnai,; Lischi,; Lupidi,; Zoppetti,; Roberto,; Adirosi,; Baldini,

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Lischi,; Lupidi,; Martorella,; Cuccoli,; Facheris,; Baldini,

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2014 15th International Radar Symposium (IRS), pp. 1-6, 2014, ISSN: 2155-5745, (KLEAN, X-WALD, WINFC).

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Lupidi,; Facheris,; Cuccoli,

Digital pulse compression waveform applied to avionic polarimetric weather radar (Inproceeding)

2012 13th International Radar Symposium, pp. 496-500, 2012, ISSN: 2155-5745.

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