WINFC  Weather INformation Fusion and Correlation for weather and traffic situational awareness

The WINFC (Weather INformation Fusion and Correlation for weather and traffic situational awareness) project aimed at the development of an adaptive data processing module that, once on board, collects and processes information incoming from different weather and traffic data providers. The module produces an awareness map by integrating weather and traffic changes data collected during the flight, and an updated weather map. The awareness map is a risk map available to the pilot for a prompt detection of hazard conditions, no matters whether they depend on weather or traffic changes.

The objectives of the WINFC project have been the following:

  • The analysis of the information sources about un-forecasted events like weather change and traffic congestion in present and future ATM environment,
  • The study of innovative on board measurements methods to provide real-time weather information,
  • The development of a SW tool for simulating the information data flow coming from different sources in case of unexpected weather and traffic scenarios,
  • The development of a data fusion tool for the adaptive integration and correlation of the information coming from heterogeneous information sources,
  • The definition of an efficient and effective unbiased threat/importance factor(s) useful to the pilot and as input parameters to Q-AI trajectory and mission optimization algorithms,

•          The validation of the data fusion tool by a test activity based on the data flow SW tool applied to selected realistic scenarios.



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