Software-defined multicarrier wideband transceiver based on photonic technologies for TLC wireless applications

The AIM of this research program is the study and design of a multi-carrier transceiver based on electro-optic architectures for wideband wireless transmissions.

For their intrinsic nature, photonic devices are able to generate very high frequency signals therefore suitable for indoor or urban applications, with better performance than the electronics, such as excellent spectral purity and low phase noise. Therefore the photonic-based approach, besides being immune from electromagnetic interference, also allows to preserve the quality of the generated wireless signal when moving toward ultra-high frequencies as the millimetre waves, while the performance of electronic transmitters rapidly degrades as the frequency increases. The opto-electronic architecture thus allows the realization of very stable multi-frequency RF transmitters that can overcome the problem of multi-path interference, which strongly affects the indoor applications or the urban scenarios.
The use of photonic technologies will be also extended to the receiver, allowing the implementation of “full digital” receivers where the signals are sampled directly at radiofrequency, thus avoiding the use of the analogue front-end which causes phase instabilities, phase noise and nonlinear effects in the standard receiving systems.


  • The use of photonic technologies for the generation of multi-carrier RF signals
  • The use of photonic technologies for the direct digitization of the received RF signals
  • The development of a new typology of integrated portable photonic devices