PHOtonic-based full DIgital Radar

PHODIR project focuses on the study, design and realization of a full digital transceiver radar demonstrator based on photonic technology both for signal generation and for RF received signal processing. Hybrid technologies merging second generation optical systems and conventional radar architecture could be the answer to issues deriving from electronic devices poor performances such high SFDR (Spurious Free Dynamic Range), ENOB (Effective Number Of Bits) and high phase noise level that are nowadays impeding the construction of a fully digital radar transceiver.
Starting from a conventional radar architecture, the main innovative solutions exploited in the project, in order to overcome electronic devices related issues, are the generation of high frequency signals in the optical domain at the transmitter section and the use of ultra-high bit rate and short width optical pulses train for RF received signal sampling.


Some of the key aspects of the project are:

  • Design of a new full digital radar transceiver architecture based on photonic technology;
  • Realization of a radar transmitter with high phase coherence, large bandwidth and ultra-high microwave frequency;
  • Realization of a full digital receiver based on ultra-fast optical sampling and signal processing.

Theoretical support and experimental test-bed thanks to instrumentations and competences in very high-bit rate Gb/s Optical Time Division Multiplexing Systems and techniques for ultra-fast optical sampling have been provided by CNIT.



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