Array Passive ISAR adaptive processing

The Project is a follow on of the “Array Passive ISAR adaptive processing “ (APIS) project in which an array passive radar demonstrator was realized with the aim at showing the feasibility of ISAR imaging with passive radar.

Nevertheless, the performance of passive ISAR imaging finalized to target recognition in military scenario was not proved.

The objective of MAPIS is to study, define, analyse a new system concept for implementing and demonstrating ISAR imaging capability in a plug-in multistatic array passive radar finalized to target recognition

The activity is focused on the system back-end to allow the passive radar having the following main characteristics:

  1. Use of wideband IOs available in military scenario with a specific analysis of satellite waveforms (DVB-S or DVB-S2 or DVB-SH or EO SAR or others)
  2. Mission-oriented signal emitter auto – selection techniques based on estimated radar performances in terms of target detection and ISAR image quality for target recognition
  3. Adaptive target detection/tracking and ISAR IMAGING  (1D and/or 2D) for continuous and sparse frequency signal processing



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