Low probability of intercept Over The Horizon Adaptive Radar – FEASIBILITY

The project is devoted to the feasibility study of a pseudo-monostatic Over The Horizon (OTH) HF sky-wave radar for the surveillance of the Mediterranean area.

The physical principle of a HF OTH sky-wave radar is the ionospheric reflection. Specifically, the transmitted signal is progressively bended during the propagation through the ionospheric layers until it reflects back to the Earth’s surface.

A number of characteristics differentiates these systems respect to conventional microwave radars, for instance:

  • The propagation channel is space-time variant;
  • The radar performances are strongly dependent on atmospheric, cosmic and man-made noise;
  • The HF spectrum is heavily crowded by communication and broadcasting radio.

The main purposes of the project are:

  • The characterization and analysis of the critical issues related to system design;
  • The definition of technical and functional requirements of the radar;
  • The design of the system architecture and the implementation of the radar signal processing chain.

LOTHAR is a distributed system, characterized by following main elements:

  • 2D circular phased array. The transmitting array is made up of 50 individual radiating elements and it allows the digital beam-forming at different frequencies. The receiving array is composed by 300 radiating elements;
  • The MCU (Main Control Unit) responsible of the management of all radar subsystems. The MCU includes the radar console, the FMS (Frequency Management System) and the ionosphere sounding unit. The MCU provides the 3D electron density profiles and the frequency/elevation angle pairs to be used for covering the surveillance area. The radar console displays detection and tracking data as well as ionospheric data and external noise spectrum;
  • The Tx_LCU (Transmitting Local Control Unit) is in charge of generating the signals relative to each transmitting unit as well as the Tx array beamforming;
  • The Rx_LCPU (Receiving Local Control Processing) which manages all receiving units to collect and pre-process the received signals.

A network of ionosondes, as well as a sensing system for external noise characterization, are used to adapt the radar functionality to the environment.

The LOTHAR system presents the following innovative concepts:

  • High level of flexibility and re-configurability thanks to the SDR implementation;
  • 2D antenna array composed of novel wide band radiating elements;
  • Independent waveform generation for each transmitting element;
  • Innovative techniques for digital array pattern synthesis and radar signal processing;

Multifunction radar (tracking, early-warning and remote sensing);



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