Intelligent Transportation System – ITALY 2020

The aim of the project is to develop innovative solutions in the field of ITS in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the logistics and transportation processes, with a particular focus on inter – modal freight transportation.

In the context of the inter – modal freight transportation, it is very important to apply technologies based on sensors (Integrated Smart Sensing) and systems supporting the information exchange among the supply chain players (Integrated Communication Platform) according to a process perspective.


The project wants to face the following R&D issues:

  • Design (and prototyping) of a complex distributed system able to integrate existing components/devices produced by different vendors;
  • Selection of the sensing technologies mounted on the transportation means used to move the goods;
  • Development of proper sensing technologies able to trace transportation means and goods properly;
  • Development of a communication technology with a minimum latency for guarantee real-time communications between the supply chain members (e.g. couriers, small transportation companies, multi-modal transport operators, rail and sea carriers, dispatchers and receivers, ports and inter-modal terminals);

Development of technologies and algorithms for the management, analysis and interpretation of data.