ISAR imaging of non-cooperative moving targets with Cosmo-SkyMed – Phase A

The aim of this project is to build a demonstrator of a moving target SAR image refocusing system. Such system will operate via a Graphical User Interface and will be applied to Cosmo SkyMed SAR images. ISAR-SKY demonstrator will function both in automatic and user-operated mode. In the former mode, moving targets will be automatically detected and refocussed following either a pre-determined or adaptive scheme. In the latter mode, the system will be operated by a user, who will manually detect targets and will decide which one to refocus.

The effectiveness of ISAR SKY will be demonstrated on maritime targets.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Refinement of the detection and refocus techniques to make them more reliable and robust
  • Automatization of the system
    • Automatic moving target detection
    • Automatic target image refocus
  • Presentation of the images
    • User-driven or automatic selection of targets of interest and presentation of the refocussed images for classification and recognition
  • Development of a parallel computing architecture for fast signal and image processing for “real-time” applications

System test on CSK SAR images



Sagliano,; Musetti,; Cataldo,; Baruzzi,; Martorella,

Fast detection of maritime targets in high resolution SAR images (Inproceeding)

2014 IEEE Radar Conference, 2014, (ISAR-SKY).