Data Exchange Agrement (DEA) – “Space Situational Awareness” (SSA)

The aim of this joint project is develop the necessary capability to perform Space Surveillance and Tracking with a nationally implementable radar system. More specifically, in order to leverage on the existence of powerful radio-telescopes to be used as receivers, the configuration is a multi-bistatic one. Detection, tracking and ultimately initial orbit determination are the necessary steps to be performed to enable the creation and maintenance of a RSO catalogue. The collaboration with the US counterpart is intended for combining radar and optical data collected possibly from different sites of the world. The joint use of such assets should improve RSO orbital parameter estimation accuracy and robustness. This project is linked to the Project Agreement with US NO. US-IT-AF-14-0001 on “Space Situational Awareness of Resident Space Objects”.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Development of algorithms for the detection and tracking of RSO with multi-bistatic radar.
  • Orbital parameter estimation with bistatic radar observables.
  • Development of RSO classification and recognition algorithms based on bistatic radar data.

Experimental data analysis