Radar – AIS data fusion for improving the vessel navigation risk detection

The project aim at the design and the implementation of an algorithm for the data fusion among maritime radar, AIS and GPS datasets.

The on board radar output is processed in order to provide a set of possible targets.

The AIS dataset provide the realtime set of vessel around the ship.

The data fusion tool will allow to identify the correspondences between AIS vessels and radar targets, then will  identify the radar targets that have no correspondence in the AIS dataset.

The radar parameters processed are position, dimension, and speed of the radar targets (estimated by a radar post processor). The AIS parameter processed are the position, dimension, and speed (provided by the on board AIS station)

Moreover the data fusion tool will provide a set of possible risks (mainly vessel collisions and missing AIS data for radar targets) estimating the routes of all vessels detected.

The set of possible risks will be sent to a remote centre for am off board risk validation.