CLEANSKY4  Algoritmi in post-processing e di cross-validazione di simulatori radar avionici polarimetrici in banda x

Analysis of the feasibility of applications of Incoherent Polarimetric Decomposition algorithm to weather data in order to understand if the new extracted feature set can be used to improve the characterization of the observed phenomena, in substitution or in conjunction with the standard feature set used in radar meteorology. After the extraction of the dataset from data, an analysis of the separability of features will be performed.

In order to help the pilot to take the best decisions for the passengers’ safety the risk factor is evaluated as the result of processing of different information provided by different sources.

The risk factor is conceived also for automated algorithms to reduce the pilot’s workload for selecting the optimal trajectory in terms of safety and emission reduction.

The method developed in this WP to define the risk factor is based on the analysis of the reliability level of detection of weather phenomena, as obtained by combining the outputs of different sensors installed onboard the aircraft, and on the requirements in terms of civil aviation in case of hazard.

Performance evaluation and comparison between the CNIT radar simulator (POWER) and that one developed by the consortium established within the Cleopatra project (Call Identifier: SP1-JTI-CS-2010-03).