Cleansky 3

The purpose of this project  is the definition of the test procedures of  the components of the data processing chain in an X-band airborne polarimetric weather radar and the optimization of the algorithms where necessary.

The main specific objectives are :

  1. testing and the optimization of the preprocessing chain: test of the attenuation correction algorithm by propagation in rain, test of the clutter cancellation algorithm by filtering and the test of the motion compensation algorithm.
  2. finalization, testing and optimization of the classification algorithms of the weather phenomena based on polarimetric characteristics: requirements, description, implementation of the classification algorithm, test-bed specifications
  3. design of the testing scenario of the whole processing chain: X-band airborne radar scenario from meteorological scenario, X-band airborne radar scenario from S- and C-band weather radar measurements, X-band radar measurements.
  4. S the study for the definition of the risk factor .